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Perla Eichenblat Bio

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Perla Eichenblat


Perla was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and lived for many years in the U.S. and Israel before returning home.

She is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, and of course English.

Following her vocation, she obtained an Early Childhood Education Degree and worked as a preschool teacher before embarking on bringing up her own family.

In the mid 1990s, she joined a Jewish communal organization as its Executive Secretary. Her organizational skills and her detail-oriented personality were a plus for the job.

Working in an executive support role requires great written and verbal communication skills, the ability to work under pressure. Meet deadlines and multitask. Perla combines all of these skills with a practical common-sense attitude.

She also honed her editing abilities by proofreading and revising drafts of documents, reports, correspondence, and presentations.

Perla moved on to work in top-notch Elderly Care Institutions, first as an Executive Secretary, and now as an Admissions Marketing Director.

Perla has developed her communication skills, talking with healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, families, and patients on a daily basis.

Her empathy skills have grown hugely, listening to people's needs and concerns, addressing them in a friendly, clear, and concise way.

Perla and her husband Austin reside in Florida, Buenos Aires, Argentina. In her spare time, Perla enjoys healthy cooking, traveling, and spending time with her friends, family, and dog.

Other Qualifications


In 2017 Perla edited the Spanish language edition of Hotel! Royal Blue Cay by , an interesting fiction e-book.

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